the iPads@Blair

I picked up the iPads from Homma yesterday afternoon and then spent the evening loading 35 apps and then synching and charging the 11 ipads. I bought a plastic container to keep them in at the school and it was the perfect size for the iPads, the charging cables, a power bar and the cleaning cloths. There might be enough room as well for the headphones I got at the dollar store on the weekend.

I sorted the apps into four pages:

1) Early Literacy

ABC Go, ABC Tracer, Toy Story, Green Eggs and Ham Lite, Doodle Buddy

2) Astronomy (for division 6: grade 3)

NASA, Planets, Exoplanet, Solar System, Moon Globe HD, Mars Globe HD, Hubble HD, Planets, Pocket Universe, Stars, Constellations, APOD, iLearnSolarSystem HD

3) Math

PopMath, Glow Burst Lite, Number Line, TanZen Lite, Pizza Fractions, Rocket Math

4) Misc/Intermediate Apps

Doodle Buddy, Puppet Pals, Strip Designer, Writer’s Studio, Alice Lite, The Guardian Eyewitness, DuckDuckGo, Flipboom Lite, Google Earth, Chicktionary

Wednesday afternoon, division 6 was introduced to the iPads for the first time. We read the Blair iPad Oath together and each student signed it after we had lots of discussion about iPad use. This idea was inspired by a visit to Elsie Roy Elementary in Vancouver.

We then headed down to the library and the students worked in partners to explore a couple of math apps, Doodle Buddy and Chicktionary. These apps were chosen for students to learn to use the touchscreen and to scroll through pages on their iPads.

We also spent about an hour working with the NASA and MOON GLOBE HD apps and then with to investigate some of our inquiry questions about the moon.

It was a full afternoon of iPads!

Janice Novakowski

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