flipboom lite

I don’t teach at Blair on Fridays so I had brought home the iPads to charge and add new apps over the weekend. I took the iPads into my son’s grades 6 and 7 class at McKinney Elementary here in Richmond so the students could get a chance to try them out. Coincidentally, without my knowledge, my son’s teacher had also applied to be part of the CUEBC iPad Inquiry so I was glad that she got to be a part of this!

We played a few math games…GlowBurst, PopMath and NumberLine. After about 30 minutes of playing, I asked the students for some feedback. One grade seven student commented that it was just so interactive – more than a laptop and way more than sitting and working out of a textbook. Because the students were working in groups of two or three, communication and collaboration become an essential part of using the iPads which fits very nicely with many pedagogical goals in the area of math.

Because we had a few more minutes, the students tried out Flipboom Lite for about 10 minutes. It always amazes me how quickly the students just figure out how to use the apps, or learn from each other. After each group had completed a short animation, the teacher suggested they do a gallery walk so the ipads were left on the desks with the animations running and the students walked around and watched each others’ iPads.

You can watch a short video of the animations HERE.

Janice Novakowski

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