iPad maintenance

As I spend my evening at home syncing 14 new apps to the iPads and making sure they are all charged to 100%, I was thinking that I couldn’t imagine dealing with 30 iPads (a full class set). The amount of time needed to do the ongoing maintenance and updating of the iPads is something a school would need to consider. There needs to be a staff member or members that are willing to take on the logistics of the iPads.

Some colleagues and I visited Elsie Roy Elementary in Vancouver to see how they were managing their iPads and iPod Touches. Turns out they have two high school students that come afterschool to do much of the syncing and charging. I can see how this would be very helpful and there are always techie students looking for service hours I am sure.

Our school has already looked into one of the storage units for the iPads (for when we purchase our own) which includes charging which would be great to just return them there at the end of each day and know that they’ll be charged by the morning. As it is, I am using so many of my outlets at home and have my sons running around checking on each iPad’s charging status! I have one power bar which helps (takes 3 chargers only – the charging units are a weird shape) but I should probably invest in a couple more.

Searching for apps and syncing them is another time consuming task. I think that once more educators are using iPads with their students, more lists will be generated and shared. It’s nice to have something to start with. One list was created by Eric Sailers for Special Education students but is a helpful starting document for schools, especially elementary schools. You can find the document HERE.

New apps I added today included: The Cat in the Hat, Horton Hears a Who (in honour of Dr. Seuss’ birthday this week), Fractions App, Mousefish, TimesTable Lite, Kids Time Fun, Animation Creator, Greek Mythology Gods, The Strange and Wonderful World of Ants, Learning Tables is Fun HD, Mabel Goes to the Moon (lite), My First Interactive Book: Little Red Riding Hood, Astrojammies (lite) and My First Weighing Exercises.

Janice Novakowski

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2 Responses to iPad maintenance

  1. Julia Poole says:

    In Surrey we have purchased the iPod cart and also have several charging units that will sync and charge 20 iPod touches at one time. There is a new Bretford cart for the iPad which will sync 30 iPads to one computer.

    I agree that it is challenging to sync each iPod individually but using these units really simplifies the problem. The carts are nice for security purposes as well.

    • ipadinquiry says:

      I think our school will probably go that way Julia once we have our own. The carts are so expensive though…it makes you think that maybe you should buy 5 more iPads rather than a cart but with the time it takes to charge and sync those things, I can see why it is a very wise investment!

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