good-bye to the iPads

Blair said good-bye to the iPads on Thursday and had them packed up and ready to go to the next school involved with this project. During the project, I had the students respond to some questions to see what they thought about learning with the iPads.

An email from Apple this week says that by updating to iOS 4.3, you will be able to print from the iPads. This is a great feature and I know one that will be very useful in educational settings. I had set my email to a few of the iPads because students had wanted to print some of their projects and this is the only way we could do that.


Some links about using iPads in educational settings: (the official Apple iPad education site) (47 interesting ways to use an iPad in the Classroom) (a compilation of resources)


Some things I learned during the project…

For the grade 3 students, I think the interactivity of the touchscreen was very appealing and engaging. The students were very intuitive about how to “work” the different apps, much more so than adults. There are an amazing number of apps available to enhance different classroom studies. I was surprised by the creative opportunities the students had to represent their thinking and learning with the iPads.

Thanks to CUEBC for the opportunity to have iPads at Blair Elementary!

Janice Novakowski

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3 Responses to good-bye to the iPads

  1. CUEBC thanks you for the great feedback.


  2. Hilary Cross says:

    Hi there,

    Just wondering what the app is that you used for the students to write their feedback. It looks like you typed the question in to a page and they hand-wrote their response.

    Great info. Thanks!

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