Blair Library

March 17

The library was full today before school and at lunch as students wanted a last chance to use the iPads before they get sent to the next school for this project. I invited the staff to the library during two lunch hours to come and explore with the iPads and to see what apps their students had been using. I think this helped teachers to see the possibilities for the iPads in our school.

March 9

The primary classes have been listening to all the picture books nominated for the 2011 Chocolate Lily Book Award this term. Today we read Fred and Pete at the Beach by Cynthia Nugent which is based in Vancouver. The students then used the Doodle Buddy or Writer’s Studio apps to create an illustration from story.















March 7

Division 1 (grade 7) has been learning about Africa for social studies and in the library we have looked at African folktales.  The students have worked in groups and chosen a folktale to either dramatize or represent using the iPad. On the iPad, the students have used Doodle Buddy, Flipboom Lite or Writer’s Studio to re-create their folktales.

March 3

Division 2 (grades 6 and 7) read information from a Greek Mythology app and then used the Doodle Buddy app to create a Greek God/Goddess family tree or web.

March 2

In honour of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, the primary classes (divisions 7, 8, 9 and 10) viewed, listened to and interacted with the books, The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham or Horton Hears a Who. One of the primary teachers came in and said, “Wow, they’re all so engaged!”

March 1

Today Divisons 4 and 5 (grades 4 and 5) did some note-taking related to their study of the Inuit and then we looked at the book of ariel photographs of different parts of Canada. The students then explored Google Earth, looking for both the Arctic and our local neighbourhood.

Division 3 (grades 5 and 6) created simple circuits to light a small lightbulb and then diagrammed their circuits using Doodle Buddy. The students learned how to change brush sizes, colours and to add text in different ways.

Lots of new learning on the iPads!

February 28

Division 6 (grade 3) used the Doodle Buddy app in the library to draw and add a text caption to a drawing of a rocket after I read them the story Sheep Blast Off! by Nancy Shaw. The students figured out how to change the background to black.

We also learned how to save our work from Doodle Buddy to the iPad Photo Album. It saves as a jpg file and can be inserted into other work, printed or emailed.

February 24

Division 2 (grades 6 and 7) was the first class to use the iPads in the library. Today they were introduced to some math games, Chicktionary and the Guardian Eyewitness apps. Some of them also discovered Flipboom Lite and enjoyed creating some animations.

Today was just a chance to explore and play a bit and get familiar with the iPads.


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