FEB 3rd:

This morning we have been trying to add some of the free applications that we would like to use with our class to the 11 iPads.  First – we purchased an itunes card so that we can create a new clean itunes account

Second – we created a new itunes account

Third – we downloaded about 30 free apps that we are interested in trying with our classes

Fourth – We updated our itunes account to version 10.1, (They will not sync with iTunes 9)

Fifth – We are currently in the process of syncing all 11 ipads with the iTunes account.  It is taking way longer than anticipated.  We are on the first one and it has taken about 5 min each……..hummmm……..will not be using them in the first block of school today —- Soon!

We are thinking that if we would like to add more apps in the future we need a better system to do it.  Maybe have a student sync all the ipads after school……..

Mrs. Regan, Ms. Morissette, Ms. Wilson


2 Responses to General

  1. Tara Steele says:

    Thank you for sharing this great information. I am a parent of a child with Special needs and I have heard so much about the benefits of an iPad for all students including Special needs children. She is in Grade 1 and I have brought up the idea of an iPad for her. We are open to buying her one if the school would put it to use for her. Her teaching team feels they could implement one in her curriculum however they have concerns with responsibility issues of the iPad. I was wondering if you have hear of anyone supplying their own iPad for their students and how they dealt with this? Any ideas…..I searched online and I couldn’t really come up with any easy, cost effective ideas. Secondly do you have a list of “Early Elementary apps” you would recommend? Any input you could provide me would be hugely appreciated!

    Thank you so much and keep up with the great work!

  2. Sugar says:

    I am a Great GrandMother of six and this was very
    Inspiring and informative for my family and I.
    Thank You for Sharing

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