Homma Grade 3 EFI

Check here for updates on what Mme Morissette’s class is up to with the iPads!

Feb 14 – 18 ~ This week we used Flipboom to recreate scenes from a read aloud we have been reading in class. Students then presented their animations and the class had to guess what part of the story they were animating.

In Math we have been enjoying the TanZen app, Racket Math, Math Hunt, Zentomino and the Telling Time apps.

We also love Glow Drawing and MusicStudio !

Yesterday we used the iPads as 2 stations out of 6 for our Math Centres. One centre was a tangram activity and the other was multiplication practice. We are currently studying geometry and multiplication.

We also used to iPads for Silent Reading. We used two apps – a Dr. Seuss app and a Reading A-Z app.



2 Responses to Homma Grade 3 EFI

  1. janice says:

    What tangram app did you use? Looks great. Were the students able to rotate and flip the pieces?

  2. janice says:

    I’ll have to check out Rocket Math and the Flipboom app sounds cool too!

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